Where is the end of endless hope


Acrylic, sand, pencil, color pencil on paper

dimensions variable

I stuck a long piece of white tape from one side of the room to the other, onto which I carefully arranged a series of light bulbs. As it began to sway under the weight, the light bulbs fell to the ground. They emitted delicate sounds as they shattered. The black and blue polka dot scarf strewn across a pane of glass adds a dimension of unfamiliarity. Building on this, the typewriter was placed upright with the mirror revealing the unnoticed elements underneath.

These have a vulnerability that becomes apparent when taken out of their original contexts, and are then repurposed. What comes out of it is a rarely appreciated beauty. It is precisely this that made me wonder if we aren’t losing this appreciation in our constant desire to replace things with more modern ones. The purpose of this work was to create a new perspective towards past.

Using these objects in an unexpected manner generate an awareness and an appreciation for repurposing. The shift that this creates open up opportunities for new perspectives.

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