Prolonged thought


glass wax, fishing wire, nail

dimensions variable

Nowadays, people are restricted in their thought process. Through this project, I wanted to diversify people's understanding by presenting them with something unfamiliar. Also to distract them from their goal-driven mindset. Taking them out of this mindset the viewer can open themselves up to the unfamiliar, in a way that helps them with their goals in life.

One Sunny afternoon in a park, there was a semi-transparent object in a pond. Visitors stopped to look up at the pond. Each stood there for a little while, as they took notice of it.Spontaneously they said to themselves.

“It looks like the moon even though it's daytime!”
“I wish it was a fried egg!”
“Is it a ghost?”
“It may or may not be a shard of ice.”
“I guess it's a huge magnifying glass."

At the same time, a duck observed the sculpture from the edge of the pond.Later another bird landed on it.

At the park, people can get away from their daily struggles. The change of scenery is breathe of fresh air for the body and the soul. The sculpture is supported by a wire hanger vertically, laterally and sideways under water.Without labels, the viewers do not have a preset notion of the sculpture's meaning. So there is no chance of misinterpreting since there is no answer.I chose to use glass wax because the semi-transparency colour has a dreamlike quality to it. The semi-transparency symbolizes how volatile the world is.

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