bag piper


fabric, pencil, paper

dimensions variable

installation view, performance at Chelsea college of Art, London.

A return to primal function and acceptance of the unconscious. The wearer’s view is obstructed and is asked to stand on one foot. A pencil is placed on top of the head, with the slightest movement reflected on a sheet of paper placed on the ceiling.

The three semicircular in the inner ear are essential to own sense of balance. The costume modelled on these shapes provide a visual representation of that which we use unconsciously. The restrictive nature of the piece asks of you to further the use of your senses.

The variety of pencil lines reflect the different body movements. I’ve always been drawn to things that have yet to be named or defined. I believe it’s crucial to accept that some things are beyond control. Once that is understood, you can come to terms with the fact that not everything has answer.

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