Homage to br


Performance at Hampstead heath,London

In Hempstead heath, a north London park, there are memorial benches dedicated to people. Their names are inscribed and serve as a reminder of their presence beyond death. It reminded me of a funeral. Inspired by this, I returned home and made biscuits. The ingredients I chose (water, salt, sugar, lard and flour)represent the different elements that make up the human body. The next day I went back, and placed and later sharing them with other visitors.

When I come across new cultures or customs, I always make an effort to learn about them. Paying tribute can take many forms and vary wildly from culture to culture. For this work, I decided to explore an alternative approach to mourning. I placed the biscuits throughout the park as a way to commemorate the deceased and also bring them some measure of place. I shared the biscuits in the hope that people would take a moment to appreciate life, particularly when faced with death.

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