Description without space


color photographs

series of 4

Various magazine clippings of people and animals were put in a vase then filled with water and oil and gently stirred and observed. Bubbles formed as the water and oil began to separate. At the same time, The clippings swirled unpredictably.

The idea for this piece stemmed from the constant desire to collect and repurpose denaturalized remnants.Water and oil will always separate because of their properties.Despite this they find a way of combining to express something new. With magazine clippings by choosing what to keep, we are also actively making a decision on what not to keep. It’s a metaphor for how we approach our interactions with others. The amber color of this work conjured equal feelings of hope and despair, but also memories.In doing so, it blurs the line between reality and fiction.

The fact that one can be full of hope, and fall into a pit of despair adds richness to our existence. This opposition leads to a deeper recognition of oneself, and is something worth treasuring.

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